Our Main Features

Minbr app provides you a complete solutions for your Masajids & Community

Qibla Direction

Find the Qibla easily with our advanced Qibla Finder

Real-time Push Notifications

Never miss important announcements and alerts from your local Masjid, about Ramadan, Eid, and other events

Daily Iqamah Alerts

Get Daily Iqamah alerts based on the home Masjid Iqamah timetable configurable by Masjid admin.

Community Updates

A unique new feature to get updates from neighborhood Masajid and Centers. No need to have many different Apps. All you need in a single App at your fingertips.

Home Screen Widget

Instantly access your local Masjid Iqamah times on your smartphone home screen, without even opening the App.


Make donations, buy Fundraising tickets, Register programs happening in your local Masjid.

Social Media

Access all Social Media feeds of your Masjid from the App home screen, watch live lectures, programs, and all social media activities in one place.

QR code support

Just scan the QR codes posted by your Masjid and quickly donate, see prayer times, and register programs through your Minbr App.

Community Board

Get access to local masjid news and community Ads through the App home screen.

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