How It Works

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These are the following steps to be a part of the Minbr, you have to follow these step-by-step


Step 1

Login to MOHID dashboard, go to 'Ad-ons' and subscribe Minbr App platform

Admin will receive 4 QR codes which are tied to different actions within the App

Admins will also receive 4 links which can be used in Masjid website, news letter or email announcements

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Step 2

QR codes should be posted at different locations so that users can scan them with their phones.

If the user's phone doesnot have Minbr app Playstore/Appstore will be opened so user can install the App in their phone

Once installed, user will be directed to the right screen in app based on the QR code originally scanned.

DTS will provide customized QR code sticker sheets to Masjid which can be posted at key locations such as entrances, bulletin boards or cash donation boxes. This will provide a quick payment option to donors, so they can simply scan QR code and donate from their Minbr App.


Step 3

Admins can login to MOHID dashboard and track the number of Apps being installed and linked to Masjid.

Number of Android and Apple app installs will be displayed separately for each Admin.

Onboarding New Masjid Here