Where Should You Give Your Qurbani?

Eid al-Adha feast and Dhul Hijjah are two of the most significant dates in the Muslim calendar. On Eid ul Adha Muslims offer prayer and sacrifice an animal and distribute meat. Many Muslims will be planning Qurbani in the coming weeks. Qurbani is a religious obligation that Muslims are required to do once a year.

Though Muslims make charities throughout the year in different forms, they have designed some of the best charity app for masjid for these purposes.

But Qurbani is a huge event, and this sacrifice is for the sake of Allah and charity for the poor. That is so, where to donate Qurbani is a severe concern for the Muslims.

How Often Are The Qurbani Offerings Made?

On Eid al-Adha, the 10th-12th of Dhul-Hijjah each year, according to the Islamic calendar, the Qurbani is performed following the Eid prayer. Qurbani must be performed after Eid prayer.

Where To Donate Qurbani? 

Eid ul Adha is celebrated throughout the globe by Muslims. Therefore this is a vast event; hence charity is made on a large scale.

Muslims sacrifice cattle animals and distribute the meat among different groups of people and organizations.

To The Poor:

The fact that this sacrifice is for feeling for the poor and less privileged people. The Muslims donate Qurbani to the poor people of the society. It is precisely for those who cannot afford to buy good food or live underprivileged life.

To The Relatives:

Islam regards respecting and caring for relatives a lot. It says that the first right of doing well is with the relatives. A good Muslim should take care of his relatives morally and financially. According to Muslim belief, the biggest meat share should be distributed among poor relatives. And they can also distribute Qurbani meat to wealthy relatives and neighborhoods equally.

To The Orphans.

Many Muslim people donate Qurbani meat to the orphanage. Orphans are a part of our society, and we should not ignore them. With this concept, Islam urges its followers to be kind and helpful to the orphans. This is the reason many Muslim families find orphans in their neighborhood and relatives and donate Qurbani meat to them.

To The Charitable Organizations:

We all know that charitable organizations work for people who cannot make ends meet. There are some families or people who cannot even arrange two times’ meals a day. In this case, these kinds of organizations are a great help.

Since Qurbani is a big event and almost every Muslim who can afford it should perform it. Many Muslims move towards these charitable organizations and donate a good share of the meat to them. These organizations are not for profit, and they arrange daily free meals on a large scale. Eventually, this is like feeding the hungry with your Qurbani meat.

How Do You Do Qurbani (Farz) When You Cannot Afford It?

Islam is the religion of peace and urges everyone to be generous to the needy. Although there are many ways to do charity according to Islamic belief and that comes with some specific instructions.

As far as Qurbani is concerned, it is an obligation of a rich wealthy person. You can even donate money through the best charity app for masjid nowadays. This is also acceptable.

The area mosques or masjids organize a shared sacrificing program. Through this, you can book your share in the Qurbani meat with the price set by the organizer per share. You can book your share through the best charity app for masjid as you find it.

The mosque’s management performs Qurbani and hands over your share to you. This is also widespread practice and utterly acceptable according to Muslim beliefs and Islamic laws.

Who Qualifies To Receive Qurbani Meat?

Eid ul Adha or Qurbani Eid is also celebrated as a happy festival. Though to donate or distribute Qurbani meat, preference should be given to the poor neighborhood or relatives, but this is not strictly specific.

Qurbani meat can be donated or shared with anyone like your friends, family, relatives, employees, acquaintances, or if a needy one asks you. And of course, you can enjoy it too.


Eid ul Adha is an event in which sacrificing an animal is a must. It is a colossal event in which Muslims celebrate happily for three days and slaughter or sacrifice cattle. The meat is distributed to the poor, family, friends, and the orphans.

You can use any best charity app for a masjid to book your share and enjoy the parties and feasts shared among Muslim families. Eid ul Adha is the occasion to look after the poor people of the society and remember the sacrifice that Prophet Ibrahim (AS) made for Allah.

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