Importance Of Mosque in A Muslim Community

Islam is the fastest-growing religion in the world right now, and it is expected to become the most followed religion soon. Islam is a religion of peace, and it encourages positivity; following this, the environment of the mosque is really peaceful and calming, but what does a mosque actually is?

Almost all religions have places where they worship. In Islam, there is a mosque for worship. The mosque is the most important and holiest place in Islam. In a mosque, Muslims gather to worship and pray to Allah Almighty. There are separate mosques for each Muslim community. The Arabic word for mosque is Masjid.

However, the mosque is not only used for just worshipping; it is a whole institution. The Muslims use it to get together and discuss religion, politics, da’wah, and more religious education also takes place in the mosque. It is the center of the Muslim community. Muslims renew their spirituality, strengthen their relationship with their Lord, and meet other Muslims.

There is also a mosque management system that the representatives of the masjid govern. They take care of the whole mosque and maintain the it too.

There are some rules of the mosque too that the Muslims should follow. Some of them are listed below:

  1. Muslims must clean themselves before they enter a mosque.
  2. Take off your shoes when you enter the mosque.
  3. It is prohibited to talk in a loud voice in the mosque, and preferable to not talk at all.
  4. Keep your phone on silent before you enter the mosque.
  5. Keep the mosque clean and tidy.

The First Mosque

The Prophet Muhammad’s original house in Medina (present-day Saudi Arabia) is thought to be the first mosque. The followers of The Holy Prophet (PBUH used to gather at his home for prayers.

As the primary religious institution, the mosque has the greatest role in community building, and its success in performing this role is essential for the community’s well-being. Sadly, the role of the mosque in many Muslim communities around the globe has recently been reduced to being a physical place where prayers are offered. It is time to reverse that trend and revive the role of this institution to what it was in the early history of Islam.

“Whoever builds a mosque for Allah, though it is the size of the ground nest of a sand-grouse, Allah will build for him a house in Paradise.” [Ibn Mâjah]

Allah made the masājid a refuge for the hearts of His righteous servants; as the Prophet said, “There are seven [types of people] whom Allah will protect with His Shade, on the Day [of Resurrection] when there will be no shade except His Shade.” One of them is a person whose heart is attached to the mosque.

Now the question arises of how we can revive the role of the mosque in these times. These are some of the things we can and should do as a community:

Education Ourselves

The first thing that we should do is we must emphasize the primary things that Islam tells us, like salat (prayers), dhikr (mention of Allah), du‘a’ (supplication), tilawah (recitation), and ta‘leem (education). Today because of the advanced technology, many things are made easy. There are now even apps that help you pray on time by showing you Iqamah alerts and Namaz timing, so you never miss any of your salah and pray on time.

Follow The Quran

We have now only left with two things that can guide us now, and one of them is The Holy Quran. We Muslims should seek guidance through the Holy Quran and act on it too as well in order to increase our Imaan and get the best of it in this limited time.


Muslims must give 2.5% of their annual savings to help the poor, the needy, and the oppressed. Charity purifies your wealth and your soul from material greed. Islam also encourages voluntary acts of charity, whether it is verbal or physical. The Prophet (PBUH) said, ‘Smiling is charity.

Being In Line With The Modern World

In today’s world, science and technology are really advanced, and we have to be in line with it by introducing and inventing new technologies to help us grow as a religion in these times. We can make new techs like software, apps, and devices. Minbr is one of those first steps. Minbr is a Muslim community app made just for the Muslims, and It helps Muslims to connect with the mosque as well as other Muslims. There are many features that Minbr offers; some of them are listed below:

  • You get Iqamah alerts
  • See prayer timings
  • Donate to a mosque just from the app

These are the few benefits of the app. However, this is just an app; it can motivate you, but it cannot get you to the mosque. You have to go there yourself. Here are some of the rewards and benefits that you can earn by going to the mosque:

1. Getting The Perfect Light On The Day Of Judgment

It is typically a little dark during Fajar and Maghrib prayer as the sun rises and sets during these times, and there is complete darkness during Isha prayer. The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said regarding this, “Convey the happy news to those who walk in darkness to the masjid, with perfect light on the Day of Judgment.” (Abu Dawud/Tirmidhi)

2. Become Friends With Other Muslims

Praying in the mosque means you will get a chance to meet other Muslims. This will help both of you closer to Allah (SWT) and help increase your Imaan.

3. More Devoted

Praying in the mosque is always better because you are more devoted to it than anywhere in the world. It is because of the positive, calm and spiritual environment.

4. Get Double Rewards From Allah.

The mosque is the only place where Muslims can pray together, and you get double rewards by doing it than praying alone at home, which is a huge benefit.

5. Get Directions And Helps With The Problem.

Going to the mosque gets you the opportunity to ask questions to the Imam and get your quarries solved in the best possible way.

6. Understand The Laws Of Prayers

It will also get you to understand different laws and rules of prayers as well as Islam in general.

7. Connect To The Almighty

With all the benefits mentioned above, this benefit comes with them, and it is that you connect to the Almighty Allah and get really close to him.

Mosques are really important for any Muslim community, and there are so many benefits of praying in the masjid too. May Allah Almighty guide us to the right path, and we get all these benefits by praying in the mosque every day and becoming closer to Allah (SWT).

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