Engaging Youth to The Mosque

Modern times have digital solutions for almost everything. It is now used in mosques too like software and apps. The apps and software are a great help for everyone. There are apps for recitation and management of the mosque’s systems like MOHID, and even there are donation apps for mosques too.

Where apps and software have helped reduce time and effort, it has also corrupted the Emaan of many specially the youth. The young generation is moving away from Islam and is indulged in the worldly life. But fortunately there are many ways we can engage the youth to follow Islam.

Why Engage Youth In The Mosque?

Societies and nations greatly rely on the youth of the community. Why? Because they are strong, healthy, and powerful to think and make better decisions. They are relied on to empower the legacy and better take control of the matters.

How To Engage Youth To The Mosque?

There are many ways to engage youth to the mosque. Here are some of the ways that can be followed:

Add Young People To Mosque Management Committees:

Resonating with the mindset is the highest opportunity to provide features to attract youth to the mosque. Despite employing older people who are unable to understand the requirements of the young age people and their mindset is the biggest drawback.

Young people preach more precisely to their followers. People like to listen to them when they can be easily understood. The young managers are role models and understand how modern apps and solutions work, hence enabling young people to become regular visitors.

Conferences And Seminars:

Telling youth their duties and how they can be good Muslims is possible through verbal efforts. There must be seminars with a pleasing ambience where they could feel more connected to the people. These seminars must be according to the age group and should discuss the rewards of attending mosques.


Muslim culture involves regular Friday prayers. These gatherings are of great importance in getting a reward for praying together. Moreover, the weekly sermon also plays a vital role. These Friday and Hajj sermons are the practical policies for the time and situations Muslims face worldwide. During these essential sermons like Friday prayer or the upcoming sermon of Hajj 2022, Muslim scholars should include the importance of the mosque.

They should enlighten young Muslim men, women, and even children to participate in mosque works. The scholars should tell them the most straightforward ways and craft their paths so they can spare some time daily or weekly dedicated to going to the mosque.

Relating Worldly Cause With The Mosques:

A mosque is not a place only for performing religious chores. Gathering at the mosque connects the community stronger. People come to know each other. Hence, it is a platform for Muslims to empathize with each other.

Running different campaigns to help the poor or the affected of any natural disaster can attract more people to the mosque. In the same way, during the more holy months of Ramadan and the zilhaj, mosque managers should call for the youngsters to participate. The sense of helping others attracts more people, and they will be reminded of the teachings again.

Education & Workshops:

Organizing different skills learning workshops for free is a great idea to engage people anywhere. In various mosques, people teach skills related to religion. But they should explore more possibilities. A modern education system and religious teachings are people’s preferences in Muslim countries.

Volunteering And Medical Camps Are Good Ideas:

An organization with the reliable support of authorities is credible and trusted by the young. Holding charity campaigns, medical camps, and funding by the government should be inside the mosque. The volunteers include consultants, professionals, charitable organizations, and other resource providers who can help the population irrespective of age and gender.


Where modern gadgets and apps have replaced the need of young people to visit the mosque, on the other hand, some of the changes to the system might engage youth in the mosques.

Holding medical camps, skill workshops, funds for the poor and miserable, and including the young generation in the management can be effective in the subject.

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