Connecting Muslim Community To The Mosque

Today Islam is the fastest-growing religion, but back then it was not growing really fast, BUT it was surely the greatest religion in terms of the leaders and the people who followed Islam. Islam has great characteristics and it is based on Tawheed (Oneness of God), rationalism, and tolerance. There was a time when Muslim Community ruled the whole world and they were at their peak while they were not even much in quantity.

They fought the hardest of battles and defeated every enemy of theirs. In the battle of Badr, they were only 313 and they fought the army of 1000 and they still won. They lived their life as if they were travelers. They did not have any affection for this world, lived a very simple yet commanding life. A life that everyone wishes for.

But somehow Muslims got lost somewhere and got deluded into worldly life. Today Muslims are suffering. They are not as attracted to Islam today as they were before. In this digital world we need to go digital too and we have to make Muslim community app. There are many reasons why the Muslim Ummah (community) has fallen down. Here are some of the reasons;

The Downfall Of The Muslim Ummah

The downfall started back then after the assassination of Caliph Umar and Uthman. Hazrat Umar was the second Caliph and Hazrat Uthman was the third in place.


After the assassination of both the Caliphs many conflicts emerged. Different groups came into existence, mentioned below are the groups that were made after the assassinations;

Khawarij – Khawarij (renegades) is also called the “removed ones” or “the ones who left”. These were the ones who branded the Companions of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) as disbelievers.

Rafidhah – Rafidhah also known as Rafidi, means “the rejecters”. These were the supporters of Hazrat Ali and they opposed the other three Caliphates of Islam.

Nashibah – Nashibah (Nasibi) were the ones who opposed Hazrat Ali.

Because of these conflicts, disunity became more evident, and Muslims were divided. This was the first movement that was responsible for the downfall of Muslims.


After the conflicts, Muslims were further divided into groups and there was no unity in the Muslim world. After a long time, the Ottoman Empire came into being in 1300 and the Ottomans ruled for 600 years but unfortunately, it ended really badly in 1922 and it impacted the whole Muslim world. Because of it, Muslims lost the slightest of powers that they had.


The crusade was a series of wars that were endorsed and enforced by the churches to restrain the progress of Islam. There was even proper training for the Christian missionaries. This whole movement damaged Muslims and impacted their faith too.


Islam is not just a religion but a way of life. It covers everything from the start of your life till the end. The major and most important part of Islam is its political laws, and many did not like the Islamic laws being implemented.

While the crusade was taking place many people were also trying to remove the Islamic ideology as a political system. They proposed an idea for this the further the Islamic laws are from the Muslims the easier it is to remove Islam itself, and they achieved it to some extent. This made Muslims fall at a very low, as this was the major part of Islam.


Muslims have a really rich and beautiful culture, they have great values and morals, but they have lost all of them now, because of the influence of western culture. The whole western culture is based on the things prohibited in Islam. Today western culture is full of filth and materialism and the worst part is that they are doing all of it in the name of “progressiveness”.

They have allowed almost everything in the name of freedom, and at this point even they don’t know what is right and what is wrong. They have no limits whatsoever and one can do whatever he is pleased with, and there are no limitations on the desires of humans.

Nowadays Muslims see western culture as a benchmark but in reality, it is not. It is the worst culture that exists today, even the west is suffering from their own culture but now even they can’t do anything about it too.


Islam is a whole way of life. It defined everything, from the start of your life till the end. Islamic laws or Shari’ah is the constitution of Islam which is described by none other than the Almighty himself. Some Shari’ah laws also come from the Hadith (sayings of the Prophet Muhammad PBUH). Shari’ah defines morals, ethics and the way of life.

Today Muslims have neglected it and have persuaded the western secular system. Muslims are not even trying to implement it and it is further weakening their powers. It is also risking their hold and their credibility.

But there are still many Muslims who are trying to solve these problems but they can’t do it alone so they are encouraging other Muslims too, and for that, they are going digital.

Going digital means making apps and having social campaigns. All of this was started by MOHID.

MOHID took a step and launched Minbr. It is a Muslim community app made to connect Muslims to the Mosque so they can better understand Islam and connect with it. There are many benefits of Minbr some of them are listed below;

  • Iqamah Alerts – You can get Iqamah alerts on your devices, so you never miss your Salah.
  • Namaz Timings – You can also see namaz timings so your Salah’s don’t get delayed or interrupted.
  • Donation – There are not many donation apps for mosque. Minbr is the only app made specifically for the donations of mosques.

These are just the initial steps for making Islam and Muslims great again, As we all will connect with our mosques we will understand Islam more deeply and will also act more upon it too. May the Almighty helps us in this regard.

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